Halo Band Q3 for Meta Quest 3

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The Halo Band Q3 has been designed to balance the weight of the Meta Quest 3 and increase ergonomics considerably. Completely 3D printed we have designed a cross band system that balances the device with a series of adjustments that will make you not want to take it off.

It is made up of two parts, the first is the halo-type headband that will be anchored to the sides of the Meta Quest 3 system. The other part is the one that goes on the forehead , where we have designed a tilting system that will help the accommodation of our sponge ergonomic, causing the pressure to be reduced considerably and only being exerted in that area.

Our Halo Band Q3 , entirely designed by InfinityONE3D and printed in 3D , will allow you to use the original facial or remove it , leaving your face completely exposed. Without a doubt, in summer or during intensive sports, it will be something you will want to be grateful for .

By using the Halo Band Q3 you will obtain a series of very important benefits in terms of improved ergonomics, placement and pressure:

  • You can adjust it to your liking , not only in distance from the lenses but also in the relief of forehead pressure thanks to the tilting system.
  • You can place or remove the facial , depending on whether you need more immersion in Virtual Reality or prefer it in Mixed Reality.
  • If you use it without a facial you will get better perspiration , which will prevent your face from getting soaked with sweat.
  • You will completely eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed by the heat caused by prolonged use, in addition to the fogging of the lenses.
  • Forget about feeling the pressure on your face , now the pressure will be exerted only on the upper part of the forehead.
  • It will improve ergonomics and field of vision if you use it without a facial mask and adjust the distance to where you are most comfortable (*).
  • When used without a face shield, you can use your glasses without problems by adjusting the corresponding distance. In this case we also recommend our lens protector for Quest 3 .


In order to use the Halo Band Q3, it is essential that compatible rigid fastening systems be used, since there will be strap models that do not fit correctly due to the thickness added to the temples. At InfinityONE3D we recommend the AUBIKA , KIWI or Elite Strap fastening system, all with batteries to balance the weight.

It has also been tested with the original elastic strap system included in the Meta Quest 3, but although it may work, it is not the most comfortable system .

Other fastening systems compatible with the Quest 3 may not be compatible as the temples or hinge placement are in positions that prevent the Halo Band Q3 from being placed. We are working to expand compatibility with other brands.

Placing it is extremely simple, you will simply have to place it on top in the correct position (the InfinityONE logo facing forward) and press so that it fits into the side fins of the Meta Quest 3 as we show in the installation video .

It is important that to remove it, you first proceed to remove the upper part of one of the sides, never the lower part, so that the complete assembly comes out. You can also see in the video how it should be removed.

Failure to follow these installation tips could result in product failure and not be covered by warranty.


  • Quest 3 Halo Band Q3 adapter placement instruction video .
  • Halo Band Q3 with pad.

Compatible with our lens protector or glasses.

* There are all types of physiognomies for our faces so depending on the prominence of the forehead these characteristics can be affected.
**The strap and Quest 3 are not included. Halo Band Q3 system only.
** Entirely designed by InfinityONE3D
***Install and use this accessory on the Meta Quest 3 will be done under the total and complete responsibility of the user, Infinity One will not be responsible for any damage or harm caused by the installation or use of it.



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